About Urbana International

Urbana International also has over 20 years of experience arranging and hosting Trade Missions for States Departments of Commerce, as well as, “Tours of a Lifetime” international educational and leisure tours customized for Colleges and Universities and Groups.

Urbana concentrates its US business in providing assistance to small technology companies to further develop their markets. It leverages its US and international government, public and private industry contacts to provide marketing services to construction, communication and educational entities.

Internationally, Urbana specializes in identifying and developing international partnerships, joint ventures, foreign direct investments and new markets for small US technology companies wanting to expand internationally, particularly to the African Continent. It promotes technology transfer and corporate social responsibility in developing countries.

Felix L. James

Mr. James is an attorney with over 30 years of experience in marketing, sales and finance, having worked for several fortune 100 companies and investment houses in the US.  He is also a former Higher Education administrator, with extensive experience in public safety, international partnerships, corporate social responsibility projects, multicultural and diversity management and international & national education projects.  He has over 20 years of experience working in Cuba, Namibia and South Africa, dealing with international business transactions and Economic, Community and Youth development.  Mr. James is also trained in Alternate Dispute Resolution and Mediation.

Mr. James also has over 20 years of experience arranging and hosting Trade Missions for States Departments of Commerce, as well as, “Tours of a Lifetime” international educational and leisure tours customized for Colleges and Universities and Groups.

Beverly J. Lucas

Ms. Lucas is an attorney, mediator and entrepreneur whose background also includes local community development, and international micro-economic development, economic and community development, human rights, international education projects and conflict resolution. Ms. Lucas has worked for over 25 years on education issues in Haiti and Southern Africa, including consulting for a South African Provincial Ministry of Education. She helped establish educational partnerships with US schools, resulting in a program to train South African educators to develop new curricula, incorporating methods of critical thinking.

Ms. Lucas is also an experienced travel coordinator, having organized travel to Haiti for work teams as a volunteer and to South Africa for and with the company’s business clients. Her knowledge of both countries, their cultures and histories has been an asset to our company and to the organizations for which she volunteers.

Ms. Lucas is also a trained and experienced mediator who has mediated individual and community-based disputes for over 10 years.